Meet the Team

Mario Edoardo Simmaco

Founder & CEO, Italy 

Originally from Rome, Mario moved to the Netherlands to study at university, where he found the inspiration and initial driving force behind GreenAnt. Mario successfully recruited a young team to bring his vision to life. Mario always has a new, crazy strategy up his sleeve, and with a lot of grit and dedication, he and his superpower team are making big waves.

Huy PHam

CFO, Vietnam 

Naman bhardwaj

CTO, Blockchain, India 

Edward Wong

CTO, Software, USA

Giovanni Cugliari

CTO, Software, Italy

Anya Bégué


Média van Westering-Donyadari

Head of Sales, Netherlands 

Didi Chadran

Marketing Manager, USA

Giovanni Caggiano

Community Manager, Italy

Emiliano Romanelli

GIS Developer, Argentina 

Sukran Yardimci Demir

UX/UI Developer, Türkyie

Aroh Sunday 

Backend Developer, Nigeria 

Mila Avellar

Reforestation Projects Manager, Brazil 


Thailand Project Coordinator, Thailand 

Xhemiljana Troka

Frontend Developer, Albania

Bach Le

Frontend Developer, Finland

Kelly Pickreign

Finance Coordinator, USA

Pratik Chudasama 

Frontend Developer

Marta papale 

Data Production, Italy 

Charlynne Jepkosgei

Data Production 

Srilakshmi Gnanasekaran

Data Production

Joachim Vanneste

Data Production