About Desidera



At GreenAnt, we’ve created a comprehensive, AI-backed tool that has powerful agriculture- and climate-related capabilities. Desidera—which is what we’ve named this tool—uses a rigorous technology stack to analyze satellite radar data and model a whole host of critical trends: Desidera can estimate flood risk and changing natural disaster patterns; Desidera can predict the quantity of crops yielded in future harvests for any farm of any size, taking into account the impacts of climate change; Desidera can track the temperature and degradation of soil; Desidera can estimate the quantity of groundwater up to 5 meters deep; Desidera can estimate the volume of carbon stored in biomass (plants, trees, and other flora) on the ground; Desidera can track deforestation and forest degradation and assess how much carbon has been released into the air; Desidera can even monitor crops in near-real time and identify their stage of growth. 

Desidera performs these analyses for land anywhere in the world, down to a single centimeter.

All this is done with up to 95% accuracy

The implications for these wide-reaching capabilities are massively consequential—especially in the face of climate change. Up until now, farmers, agribusinesses, and land owners have had very few tools and very little guidance about how specifically they will be impacted by a changing climate or how to mitigate climate-related threats. With a tool like Desidera, farmers can learn about their land’s specific risks and institute smarter, more resilient land-management practices; governments can create more informed environmental policy and monitor violations of existing regulations (e.g. illegal logging activity); insurance providers can create more accurate and more localized insurance packages; agribusinesses can estimate the size of their next harvests; and so much more. The possibilities are endless. 

So how do you get started? 

GreenAnt offers comprehensive Desidera subscription plans. We have packaged together Desidera’s many capabilities into a streamlined suite of 5 key “datasets” for subscribers to access:




Advanced Soil Monitoring

Soil temperature & degradation monitoring, along with groundwater quantity estimates (up to a depth of about 5 meters)

Carbon Monitoring

Deforestation and forest degradation monitoring, along with estimates of carbon stored in and/or released from biomass on the ground

Crop Analysis

Crop variety detection and crop growth rate monitoring, along with future crop yield estimates 

Climate Risk Analysis

Climate and weather-related patterns and risk assessments (relative to a specified plot of land)

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood risk assessments (relative to a specific plot of land)

Each Desidera user will select one subscription plan when they create an account on our platform. If their plan includes a data package—access to one or more of these 5 Desidera datasets—these data-driven insights will be conducted for the user’s selected plot, or “polygon,” of land. The user will trace this polygon on Desidera’s interactive map.

Users can then chat with the chatbot to ask data-based questions and receive analysis-backed answers. Users’ data comprehensive package insights will also be delivered to them in pdf form via their Desidera profile and via their email.

Desidera is accessible via subscription. Learn more about our subscription options here or click the link below to visit Desidera: