About Desidera



At GreenAnt, we’ve developed a tool—which we’ve named Desidera—to analyze radar data from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellites. Never heard of radar data? Unlike optical data, which are generated through satellite-captured images, radar data are collected through signal pulses that satellites send to the ground. This is a critical difference, as these radar signals cut through physical barriers—such as cloud coverage—that can impede the collection of optical data. (In other words, a satellite photo can’t tell you much if it’s taken on a cloudy day; the land will be too obscured by clouds.) 

Radar Data

Optical Data

Not only is radar data more reliable than optical data, it’s also more nuanced. Radar signals can tell us much more about a given area of land than a picture can. The two photos above demonstrate how radar data (left) and optical data (right) measure deforestation in Suriname. Radar data can identify varying levels of forest degradation, in addition to deforestation. Optical data can only tell us the latter; it only recognizes when trees have been completely cleared away from an area, and as such, it can only tell us part of the story.

Beyond just deforestation and forest degradation, radar data can tell us about a suite of other indicators, including the temperature of soil and the size of biomass on the ground.


This is where GreenAnt comes in.

We’ve built a comprehensive, sophisticated software that processes and analyzes this radar data to produce extensive, detailed, and immediately relevant insights about land and climates anywhere in the world. Take soil temperature, for example: Our tool can use these data to model the quantity of ground water in a given plot of land. With this kind of capability, we can provide a suite of highly valuable insights—everything from projected crop yields, to flood and other climate-related risk assessments, to carbon storage capacity estimates, and so much more. 

We’ve integrated our software into an accessible, interactive platform that we’re calling Desidera. Our platform is complete with an AI chatbot that can deliver our tool’s outputs to users in easy-to-understand language. The implications of having access to such information are immense. This is especially true for small-holder farmers, who often don’t have resources to obtain or translate raw data into actionable insights.

Desidera is accessible via subscription. Learn more about our subscription options by clicking the link below: