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building Decentralized and green finance






GreenAnt community does not belong to GreenAnt. Rather, it is a decentralized community in which users exchange skills and resources to boost carbon sequestration while exchanging and generating value through tokenized carbon sequestration.


The community is open. Anyone can join because everyone will be affected by climate change.


Value is meaningful only on a thriving planet.  A thriving nature is the underlining condition of value creation. In GreenAnt community, value is based on ecosystem services to build a new meaningful economy.


Climate action must be global, but trust is traditionally local. With blockchain, we have made trust global and decentralized: empowering inclusive climate action.

GreenAnt in Action

Words from CEO, Mario Simmaco

GreenAnt NFTs and Cryptocoin

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Sequestration

First Project in Thailand

Queen Identification


Weaver Ants


Ant Farming Training


Ant Nest


Field Work


Tree Tokenization


GreenAnt’s Community

Climate action must be global, but trust is traditionally local. We distribute our tokens to all stakeholders, empowering inclusive climate action.