Bridging the Gap between ecosystems and decentralized finance




Carbon for financial inclusion

Farmers take care of trees, remote sensing partners use satellite images to monitor carbon storage and and verify carbon standards. GreenAnt tokenises trees (NFTrees), containing information about the trees’ biomass, and generates a GreenAnt Cryptocoin ($GA) for every kilogram of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

Tree Tokens

GreenAnt tokenizes trees to structure property rights over trees’ carbon storage. Tokenizing trees means turning them into valuable financial assets, thus a climate change adaptation tool. 

GreenAnt Network

Farmers, Carbon Standards, NGOs, and Fintech join GreenAnt projects to empower reforestation. Diverse organizations cooperate by sharing GANFTs generated in the projects they cooperate on. Each project is organized through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

GreenAnt DAO

All Project-DAOs are coordinated through a global GreenAnt DAO. Decisions are taken democratically by members and membership is granted through GA-NFTs’ holding. You can join as a service provider or as a buyer.

GreenAnt Cryptocoin

GreenAnt crypto coin is generated by nature and distributed to GA-NFTs’ holders. It is the native currency of GA-DAO and can be used by farmers to purchase financial products to adapt to climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change is here and our lifestyles are going to change. Food production has also changed turning more sustainable and resilient. Private investment and risk mitigation are needed to allow this development. However, in agricultural regions such as Southeast Asia, only 30% of people have a bank account. To be scalable, reforestation needs to enhance financial access.

GreenAnt in Action

Words from CEO, Mario Simmaco

CTO Chiara Schulte and CEO Mario Simmaco talk about GreenAnt mission

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Sequestration

GreenAnt Products

GreenAnt NFTree

A tokenized tree whose carbon storage is permanently and accurately measured. Each tree is monitored, and insured and its impact on climate change is quantified.

GreenAnt Coin ($GA)

Every kilogram of CO2 that is captured from the atmosphere in one of our tokenized trees creates a coin. 1 kg CO2 = 1 $GA Coin. The number of GA coins per tree determines the value of the associated NFTree.

GreenAnt Community

Climate action must be global, reliable, and trusted beyond any doubt about its effectiveness.

This is why we use the trusted decentralized blockchain technology to distribute to all our stakeholders, the GreenAnt tokens generated from the value of Carbon sequestration, hence, enabling inclusive and effective climate action that works!

GADAO’s Features


Facilitated by the DAO, the global GreenAnt community is decentralized and encouraged to take a proactive role in the exchange of skills and resources to boost carbon sequestration, by turning the latter into a tokenized asset.


Climate action must be global, but trust is traditionally local.

With the use of blockchain technology, we have made trust global and decentralized, thus, enabling inclusive climate action.

Sustainable Value Creation

Value is meaningful only on a thriving planet.  Thriving nature is the underlying condition of value creation. At GreenAnt, value is based on ecosystem services that build a green economy.


The GreenAnt community is open, young, and global.

Join our mission of sustainability  because everyone is affected by climate change.