GreenAnt offers data-based certifications to companies guaranteeing that their products’ supply chains have not caused deforestation. These certifications provide proof of EUDR compliance, allowing companies to export to statutorily protected markets, including the EU. Click “Get a free estimate” to get started, or keep scrolling to learn more.




New market regulations are at the cutting edge of the fight against global deforestation.  In June, 2023, the EU adopted the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), which targets key commodities like cattle, cocoa, coffee, and wood.  The policy mandates that, after December 30, 2024, products and their derivatives entering the EU market must be “deforestation-free”—not sourced from land that has been deforested since 2020—and comply with their production country’s local laws.  Violations of this regulation will incur heavy penalties, including large fines and trading bans.  Companies will be responsible for conducting their own due diligence, assessing and mitigating risks of their supply chains’ non-compliance.

This is where GreenAnt comes in.  Using sophisticated satellite biomass data analysis, we can expedite and simplify companies’ due diligence by certifying that the land from which their products are sourced has not been deforested.  These official certifications will be recognized by EU member governments, allowing companies to export to this lucrative market.