GreenAnt will offer insurance providers advanced, data-based climate projections about their clients’ harvests. This clarity and transparency will facilitate fairer, more affordable premium prices for insured farmers. Click “Pre-register for coverage” to get started, or keep scrolling to learn more.


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GreenAnt’s Desidera platform offers a specialized subscription model for insurers, focused on harnessing vital harvest risk data. Here’s how it works:

Insurers begin by accessing Desidera, where they can identify on the interactive map a particular plot of land or region for which they provide insurance. Once they’ve chosen their desired area, they can subscribe to receive detailed and up-to-date harvest risk data for that specific region. This data, which is derived from a combination of advanced AI analytics and robust satellite datasets, gives insurers a comprehensive understanding of potential risks that may affect harvests in that region. With this granular and real-time data in hand, insurers are guided through a streamlined process to design insurance products tailored to the specific harvest risks of the area. This includes setting thresholds for coverage and pricing the insurance product competitively. Once the insurance products are ready, they are listed on GreenAnt’s platform.

For farmers, the process is made equally user-friendly. When they access the platform and specify their plot of land, Desidera automatically displays the available insurance options relevant to their specific location. The entire interaction between the insurer and the farmer, right from browsing available products to purchasing insurance, is facilitated seamlessly through the GreenAnt platform. This system not only provides insurers with the tools they need to offer targeted and relevant insurance products but also ensures farmers have easy access to the fair and competitive protection they require.