What is GreenAnt’s mission?

GreenAnt is a technology company focused on transforming the agricultural sector through a unique combination of satellite data integration and Large Language Model (LLM) AI. Our solutions simplify processes, improve risk assessment, and empower stakeholders to make sustainable choices.

What are the benefits of GreenAnt's platform?

GreenAnt’s platform offers a unified solution for researchers, farmers, companies, and financial institutions. It streamlines processes, fosters collaboration, and empowers stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem.

What are GreenAnt's core technologies?

We leverage two key technologies:

  • Satellite Data Integration: We utilize both optical and radar-based satellite imagery to gather real-time data on land use and environmental conditions. 
  • Large Language Model (LLM) AI: Our advanced AI analyzes the satellite data, enabling us to assess risks, predict trends, and generate valuable insights.

What types of solutions does GreenAnt offer for sustainable agribusiness?

We address several key challenges in agriculture and international trade and development:

  • Deforestation Certification Complexity: GreenAnt streamlines the EUDR certification process for companies in international trade, verifying compliance and reducing costs. 
  • Harvest Yield Uncertainty: Our AI-powered risk assessment tool helps farmers and agribusinesses make informed decisions and improve access to capital based on potential harvest risks.
  • Limited or Inaccessible Harvest Insurance: GreenAnt provides detailed risk analysis for finance and insurance companies, enabling the development of innovative and accessible harvest insurance policies.

What is the EUDR?

In June, 2023, the EU adopted the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), which targets key commodities like cattle, cocoa, coffee, and wood.  The policy mandates that, after December 30, 2024, products and their derivatives entering the EU market must be “deforestation-free”—not sourced from land that has been deforested since 2020—and comply with their production country’s local laws. 

What products are covered under the EUDR?

The EUDR applies to several key agricultural commodities, including:

  • Soy
  • Beef
  • Coffee
  • Palm Oil
  • Timber
  • Cocoa
  • Rubber
  • Leather

My company imports these products into the EU. What do I need to do to comply with the EUDR?

The EUDR requires companies placing these products on the EU market to conduct due diligence to assess the risk of deforestation or forest degradation in their supply chain. This involves:

  • Mapping your supply chain: Identifying all actors involved in sourcing the product, from the farm to your company.
  • Assessing deforestation risk: Evaluating the risk of deforestation in the areas where the product is sourced.
  • Mitigation strategies: Having a plan to address and mitigate any identified deforestation risks.
  • Record-keeping: Maintaining comprehensive documentation to demonstrate your due diligence efforts.

What happens if I don’t have an EUDR certificate?

If companies don’t present a “due diligence statement” via an accredited guarantor, they cannot export their products to the EU. Updated due diligence statements must be presented each time a company exports a good.  

If I own a few farms, do I need an EUDR certificate for all of them separately?

Yes, if your company exports products from multiple land parcels you will need an EUDR certificate for each of them.

How can GreenAnt's Desidera platform help my company comply with the EUDR?

Companies and organisations that import agricultural commodities into the EU can simplify EUDR compliance by leveraging Desidera, GreenAnt’s proprietary satellite terrestrial data and AI platform. The EUDR mandates that companies provide “due diligence statements” produced by accredited guarantors verifying that a company’s products are “deforestation-free.” GreenAnt can serve as your company’s EUDR-accredited guarantor. We use Desidera’s deforestation monitoring capability to assess your land and ensure that your products are deforestation-free. We then produce a compliance certification that serves as this due diligence statement. We not only produce these due diligence statements, but we also submit them to the EU behalf of your company, streamlining and simplifying your EUDR compliance process. 

How much does an EUDR certificate cost?

It depends on the location and size of the land being certified. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Who are GreenAnt's target customers?

GreenAnt caters to a diverse clientele, including:

  • Farmers & Agribusinesses: Our harvest risk assessment tool empowers stakeholders to make better decisions and improve access to capital.
  • Companies Involved in International Trade: We help businesses meet deforestation certification requirements and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
  • Finance & Insurance Companies: GreenAnt’s risk analysis enables the creation of innovative harvest insurance policies, fostering stability in the agricultural sector.

What specific products does GreenAnt offer?

While we offer a comprehensive platform, some core products include:

  • Deforestation Certification Solutions: We simplify compliance for companies involved in international trade by ensuring adherence to sustainable practices.
  • Harvest Risk Assessment Tool: Analyze potential harvest risks using AI and satellite data, enabling more informed decision-making for farmers and agribusinesses.
  • Risk Analysis for Insurance Providers: Our Desidera platform provides detailed insights for finance and insurance companies, facilitating the development of innovative harvest insurance policies.

Can GreenAnt help me with crop analysis?

We can surely do that. We can help you with crop detection, crop growth stage monitoring, and future crop yield estimates. Check out our subscription plans and get in touch.

Does GreenAnt offer flood risk assessment?

Absolutely! We can offer you flood risk assessment as well as climate risk analysis. You will find a full list of services on our subscription page

We hope this list of FAQs has addressed your questions about GreenAnt. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us—you can do so by emailing info@greenant.farm.