GreenAnt visits Indonesia

In December 2023, GreenAnt’s CEO, Mario Simmaco, and COO, Anya Bégué, traveled to Indonesia to learn more about the country’s agricultural landscape. In Jakarta, Mario and Anya met with officials at the Spanish, Dutch, and European Union embassies. The Italian Institute of Culture, a branch of the Italian Embassy, organized a space innovation symposium so that GreenAnt would have an opportunity to present to a large audience about the sophisticated satellite technology that facilitates Desidera’s consequential analysis capabilities. The second speaker at this symposium was BRIN, the Indonesian space agency.  

Mario and Anya also met and negotiated a deal with Madani, a local NGO building a nationwide network of farmers and empowering them with tools and knowledge to achieve their sustainability goals. Going forward, Madani and GreenAnt will collaborate to deliver the benefits of Desidera’s satellite data analysis to those in the domestic agricultural space. 

In Surabaya, Mario and Anya presented Desidera to the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, the agribusiness trade association, and the office of the Minister of Agriculture. Mario and Anya were encouraged to see just how much the implications of Desidera’s capabilities resonated within these organizations—it was clear that there is a massive demand for environmental intelligence in agriculture-intensive countries like Indonesia. 

Among the many highlights of the trip was the time spent with the Kasepuhan Karang, an indigenous community on the island of Java. Farming is a way of life for the Kasepuhan Karang, and Mario and Anya spent two days living with the community to connect with them and learn more about their practices. Through community members’ feedback and opinions, they explored how to shape the Desidera platform to be as accessible, useful, and empowering as possible. Mario and Anya were deeply moved and inspired by this experience, and they would like to express their wholehearted gratitude to the Kasepuhan Karang for their generosity and kindness.