GreenAnt is developing a network of people for the common effort of reforestation. Each project is supported by a community of tree growers, satellite data providers, tech developers and others who are committed to a financial system that places value on ecosystem services. These actors all receive NFTs for their services.

Tree planter

The planter makes the investment and the project to plant the trees

Tree grower

The grower can be a farmer or individual that takes care of the trees and is responsible for their survival.

Blockchain Devs

Developer can join the GreenAnt tech community and works with others to constantly improve our products.

Ai Devs

AI companies that extract data on tree’s carbon storage from images, which compares the reported growth with expected growth to verify the numbers.

Data Validators

Companies validating carbon sequestered, usually but not always carbon standards

satellite Monitoring

Companies that focus on verifying tree’s carbon storage.

UaV Monitoring

Individuals or companies with skills in UAV development for tree monitoring and carbon analysis.


Institutions and Research Centers that focus on promoting innovative ways of organic agriculture and sequestering carbon. We partner with Thailand’s Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Aarhus University to explore the weaver ant as a natural biocontrol.


People that spread our mission to plant organically and for the long-term and act as a connector to funding opportunities for reforestation projects.

Are We Missing Something?


Institutions, private investors, agricultural organizations and more.