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What is seedrs?

Seedrs is an equity crowdfunding platform through which users can invest in startups and other businesses. Think of it like a grassroots investment hub—through Seedrs, you can browse dozens and dozens of companies and get involved in those that resonate with you. Seedrs is careful to only allow legitimate and vetted enterprises that back their claims with hard proof onto its site. As a user, that should give you peace of mind. 

Through Seedrs, companies run designated investment campaigns. For 10 days before these campaigns launch, companies lead a “pre-registration” phase, during which time users can express interest in investing and get priority access to the campaign. Pre-registering is NOT a commitment to invest (so you can pre-register worry-free). Pre-registering simply allows you the opportunity to invest before the campaign opens publicly and the limited slots fill up. 

GreenAnt is launching its Seedrs campaign soon—pre-register below!


Why invest in greenAnt?

Get in on our rapid expansion.

Make a Difference

Whether it’s promoting financial inclusion for disadvantaged farmers, facilitating reforestation efforts, or expanding the voluntary carbon market, GreenAnt is driven by our commitment to our planet and each other. By joining us, you’re taking part in that mission, too.

Social Impact and Financial Success—Both Can Be Possible!

Our focus may be on making positive change, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t making money, too. In fact, the purpose of our products are to make the health of the environment profitable as a way to protect it and incentivize sustainability. That means you, too, can get in on these potential returns.

Sophisticated and Trustworthy Tech

Our expert tech and development teams are teaming up with master data analysts to create advanced, effective tools. Our comprehensive, reliable AI capabilities put us at the cutting edge of the climate tech frontier.

We're Growing Fast

In just the last few months, GreenAnt has been attracting lots of attention and support from big investors. In the lead-up to our Seedrs campaign, we’ve signed several contracts with new partners and have met with government officials from around the world. What’s more, we’ve won several awards. We’re right on track to reach our goals.

One Platform, Many Products

Whether it’s carbon-sequestrating tree tokens, deforestation certifications, or equitable harvest insurance, GreenAnt has something for everyone. And yet, we’re actually very streamlined; across our different services and products, our  purpose, our technology, and our process remain the same. Our interactive platform is a one-stop-shop for researchers, farmers, companies, and more.

A Global Reach

While GreenAnt’s pilots have been limited to Thailand, we plan to grow—we’re already finalizing our product launch in Indonesia in the coming few months. Our products have a global application, and we’ll be working to meet that demand. What’s more, when you invest in GreenAnt, you’re investing in a global team. Our frontend developers, our data analysts, and everyone in between hail from all corners of the world. Our company perspective, and our internal operations, are the richer for it.

Take a look at our demo

Meet Desidera, our interactive map and marketplace:

Award-winning Team

GreenAnt had the honor of being selected as a finalist for ImpactCity’s The Hague Innovators ImpactFest, which was held on November 7th, 2023. On the day of the event, we were honored again when we learned we’d been voted as the public’s favorite finalist, winning the “Audience Prize.” This award was among several recent recognitions and accolades that GreenAnt, our CEO, and our members have recently received.  

Learn more about our products

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