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Our one month-long pilot project in Thailand yielded exciting results:

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With GreenAnt, you can transform your trees into profitable, protected assets. Each kilogram of carbon absorbed by your trees holds considerable value, both from an environmental but also commercial perspective. By “tokenizing” your trees on our platform, we’ll value each tree with the help of our satellite biomass data. Every kg of carbon that your tree absorbs will be worth exactly one virtual GA (GreenAnt) coin. Tree token-buyers (whether they’re companies or individuals) will pay you directly to acquire these virtual coins—to “own” your tree’s tokens—which they can go on to trade on our platform. The tree buyer will receive a the carbon stored in credits for the duration of the contract. So long as you tend your trees carefully and organically, you’re eligible to get started!

Interested in buying carbon credits?

Whether you’re a company looking to offset your carbon, or a member of the general public interested in climate action, purchasing tree tokens is an equitable and profitable choice. Not only will you be taking steps to empower small farmers and promote sustainable agriculture, but you’ll also be making a smart investment. Log on to our platform, Desidera, browse through a variety of projects, and purchase virtual tree avatars—each valued based on their carbon absorbtion capabilities—directly from farmers. With each purchase, you’ll acquire GA (GreenAnt) coins that you can then trade or convert to your preferred currency. Through Desidera, you’ll be able to view farmer profiles, chat with them in real time, and learn more about their farming practices.

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