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Bringing the gap between Ecosystem Services and Decentralised Finance

We tokenize trees to make reforestation profitable for everyone globally. We bridge the gap between ecosystem services and finance offering services for investing in climate change adaptation.

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We trade Ecosystem Services through tokens.

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Our Mission 

Our network can expand exponentially.

GreenAnt services any reforestation project, state-owned land, or national park, as well as the smallest farmers cultivating their livelihood. Those can easily and safely become part of our community of stakeholders without having to overcome major barriers. Today, bureaucratic obstacles are the main barrier to accessing sustainable incentives and true rewards toward a more equitable economy.

For us, every tree counts.

Initially, only green carbon sinks are tokenized, but our future envisions the tokenization of other types of sink, like Soil, Ocean, and Rock. And since natural resources are quantified following uniform and standardized monitoring protocols. Not only do these resources increase in value, but any change in their ecosystem would be immediately and transparently communicated, thus, guaranteeing long-term preservation. Our goal is to document and protect carbon sinks worldwide, bridging the gap between ecosystem services and finance.

Power to the People

Besides the protection of flora and fauna, the main power of change lies in empowering everyone to address climate change. Developing profitable, tradable, and accessible financial tools to counteract climate change is the first step to bridging gaps and rewarding all of those to fight to save the planet.

We want to reforest the world to tackle climate change. We know that sustainable and fair reforestation is not possible without financial access. That’s why we are working with farmers, local communities, and small landowners to give them independent access to green financial products by tokenizing the carbon storage of trees. Systemic barriers prevent small-scale farmers from accessing fair and green financial products that are essential for poverty alleviation and climate change adaptation. Tokenizing trees means granting property rights to the carbon they sequester, thus permanently rewarding farmers for their impactful hard work. These tools reward farmers, as well as those who invest in them, which is the first tool to invest in climate change adaptation.

Our blockchain-based carbon calculation software ensures that the transparency, accuracy, and mutual control of regulated data are guaranteed. Not only does this increase the environmental impact of every project, but also rewards stakeholders with a higher return on investment and a deeper value to their asset allocation.

Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is made up of various experts in their field, ensuring high-quality and fully validated data that gives our product truly unique value. These are distributed in the form of NFTs to individual stakeholders and corporate investors. The decentralized company structure leads to mutual support and trust while maximizing profit for each stakeholder sustainably.



Facilitated by the DAO, the global GreenAnt. community is decentralized encouraged to take a proactive role in the exchange of skills and resources to boost carbon sequestration, by turning the latter into a tokenized asset.


Climate action must be global, but trust is traditionally local.

With the use of blockchain technology, we have made trust global and decentralized, thus, enabling inclusive climate action.

Sustainable Value Creation

Value is meaningful only on a thriving planet.  Thriving nature is the underlying condition of value creation. At GreenAnt value is based on ecosystem services that build green economy.


The GreenAnt community is open, young, and global.

Join our mission of sustainability because everyone is affected by climate change.

Meet The Team

Mario Edoardo Simmaco

Founder & CEO

Mario decided to solve a challenging environmental problem and successfully recruited a young team to bring this vision to life. The idea stems from his deep awareness of nature, mixed with a masterful economic strategy, resulting in a revolutionary solution to environmental change!

Mario always has a new, crazy strategy up his sleeve that clearly sets him apart from the crowd. And with a lot of grit and dedication, him and his superpower team are able to deliver on their commitment to the environmental cause, all the while making it profitable to do so!

Joachim Offenberg

Enthomologist CTO

Joachim is a passionate full-time professor of BioScience and loves to teach and raise awareness about the numerous hidden prospective of nature. He’s always happy to answer detailed questions that let him dive deeper into the topic. He is also very close to his students, and maintains direct contact with farmers to keep record of their practices and wisdom!

Chiara Schulte

Carbon Offsets CTO

Chiara loves the contact with nature and farmers. At the same time, she takes a multitasking organisational role in the company and always keeps an overview of the Team efforts.

George's pic.

George Gbenle

Blockchain CTO

George is an experienced software/blockchain engineer who is passionate about developing cool stuff. Besides programming, he currently travels the world and hopes to have visited 20 countries by 2025. His bucket list includes, among other things, jumping out of a plane!  

Marwa's pic.

Irving Flores

Business Development

Irving has gone through a successful professional transformation to discover his talent in sales and business development. He is of a multifunctional value to the team and is always ready for fun. We believe, he must also be using his charm to make GreenAnt known everywhere!

Luca Marruzzo


Luca makes sure that everything is always perfect on the legal side of things. He takes on a guardian role and is in constant contact with our partner Sidley, Austin to always find the best solution for everyone involved.

Sinan Lahur


Sinan and Luca work as a dream team. Not only professionally, but their strong relationship dates back to when they played together in the same student band in the Netherlands. You can easily imagine their strength, serving the GreenAnt mission.

Marwa's pic.

Marwa Ahmad

Communication & UX

Marwa is wonder woman. She can work on 5 projects simultaneously while maintaining a positive attitude and sharing humour with her colleagues. Inspiringly efficient.

Jesper Nygaard

Business Advisor

Jesper’s numerous years of experience and immense global network makes us blessed to have him on board. He can always come up with the statement: “I know a guy who might  help” for whatever issue that may arise!