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About Us

Weaving Nature and People Together

How do we prioritize the environment in our economy? How can we continuously incorporate new research and perspectives into finance? 

GreenAnt is striving to answer these questions. Read more to discover our progress and join our community.

We trade Ecosystem Services through tokens.

Team Members



Years in Business

Our Story



GreenAnt community does not belong to GreenAnt. Rather, it is a decentralized community in which users exchange skills and resources to boost carbon sequestration while exchanging and generating value through tokenized carbon sequestration.


The community is open. Whoever can join because everyone will be affected by climate change.


Value is meaningful only on a thriving planet.  A thriving nature is the underlining condition of value creation. In GreenAnt community, value is based on ecosystem services to build a new meaningful economy.


Climate action must be global, but trust is trationally local. With blockchain, we have made trust global and decentralized, empowering inclusive climate action.

Meet The Team

Mario Edoardo Simmaco

Founder & CEO

He has run the podcast, Eutopya, since he was 10. He is currently an international student at Leiden University College.

He is based in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Joachim Offenberg

Scientific Head

Joachim is a Senior Researcher at Aarhus University. He focused his decade-long research on weaver ants, being among the most known scholars in the field.

He is based in Aarhus, Denmark

Chiara Schulte

Carbon Offsets Manager

Chiara holds a BSc and MSc degree from Wageningen University (NL) and Reading University (UK). She brings a lot of practical experience in agriculture and reforestation.

She is based in Malaga, Spain.

Javier Aleuanlli

IP Lawyer

Sarah Lewis

Communication Manager

Graduate from Pearson College, UWC, and is currently a student at Leiden University, studying earth, energy and sustainability.

She is based in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Luca Marruzzo

Corporate Lawyer

Luca is an Italian-qualified lawyer with an LL.M. in European and International Business Law from Leiden University. He has experience as a business lawyer in Italy and The Netherlands, giving legal advice in the fields of Corporate Law, Energy, and Banking & Finance.

He is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Sinan Lahur

Corporate Lawyer

Sinan is a Turkish lawyer with a focus on competition, WTO, and corporate law. He graduated from Leiden University’s European and International Business Law master’s program with cum laude and as a Jean Monnet Scholarship grantee. 

He is based in Izmir, Turkey.

George Gbenle

Developer Head

George is an experienced blockchain developer who worked for several companies in Ghana and around the world.

He is based in Accra, Ghana.

Jesper Nygaard

Business Advisor

Jesper has two decades of experience in business and sales management in various environments and fields.

He is based in Aarhus, Denmark.